Thank you, for purchasing these beautiful products from  Project.AJ117
We hope your customers will enjoy these chosen styles for a long time as we have put all our efforts in making these outstanding pieces.
We would like to give you some strong sales points and some more knowledge about the care of this collection in order to bring on these informations to the happy end consumer…

We use delicate and highly exclusive natural fabrics like silks, viscose , cotton and wool and mix them together to create new unique surfaces and outstanding combinations.
We do all production inside Europe – mainly in Italy , as the well being of the workers producing our garments, are always on our minds…..

The look is rough and casual with an exclusive feeling.
The collection is garment dyed in an unique way called ”cold dye” where all pieces are going through a special process by hand to achieve this unique appearance where all styles come out differently.
Not 2 styles are 100% identical and this must not be seen as a fault – but as a strong feature of the total look ..

The colour shading and different tones comes from the technique and in the selection of the blendings of fabrics.
It is therefore very important that this is well communicated to your customers when purchasing these articles from your shop.
Colour differences and imperfections are wanted..

Pls inform thorouhgly the end consumer about these treatments and advising them to study and follow carefully the carelabels inside the garments , thank you!

Pls note:
Many styles has different trimm fabrics like silk and wool and must be washed by hand or using special wool programmes and macthing washing detergents only to keep the nice handfeel and avoid them for being destroyed in wrong washings!

We hope, you will enjoy Project.AJ117 for its timeless and cool look.
This is a ”State of Mind” collection…